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Translation Diploma


Translation aims at bridging the gaps among nations and people. In Achieva, our translation diploma aims at developing your passion to translation through the atmosphere our instructors are willing to offer in order to have you in a challenging setting akin to that of the market.

In Achieva we are willing to elevate your level in translation (En – Ar), pave your way towards accuracy and honesty to text, expand your knowledge of terminologies, and prepare you to overcome difficulties through our comprehensive techniques and strategies.


Learner outcomes:

become a qualified professional translator;

learn multiple teachniques and strategies;

get introduced to different text types;

learn how to employ technology in translation;

get introduced to CAT tools, and;

overcome challenges in translation


How to join the Translation Diploma at ACHIEVA ACADEMY?

Students will take a placement test. They must reach or exceed level 9 in the English placement test (or else will need to enroll for general English courses until he/she meet the required level). Students are also expected to reach or exceed 70% in the Arabic exam.

Translation diploma consists of 10 subjects – or 4 subjects in order to receive a certificate of completing the foundation of translation and interpreting. Duration of each subject is 6 weeks.

P.S. Computer literacy is required to enroll for the diploma.

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