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General English Course


This course touches on all the basics of English language which you need to know in order to communicate and to be able to express yourself with the simplest jargon of vocabulary. It will teach you the right forms of asking a question, giving a command or stating a simple thought or idea. It will also teach you the grammar you use in your daily routine.

We know that it is this feeling that bothers the most to know that after studying English in schools for almost one’s entire life, he/she encounters difficulty in uttering the simplest sentences. Therefore, in Achieva we guarantee that you will be able to speak correctly and fluently because we are do not resort to the the traditional methods in teaching. Also, we help you improve your oral proficiency though our consistent practice in class and our strict policy of not being allowed to utter any other language under any circumstances.

We set clear objectives that contribute to your overall progress and allow you to move closer to achieving your language goals. Our instructors will provide you with structured learning tasks and monitor your progress, providing you with feedback, correction and guidance to help you become better, more fluent and more confident when communicating in English.


How can you join this course?

Our courses consist of 5 main levels ( Pre-elementary, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced) divided into 12 level; each level is one month long. Students will need to take a placement test to find out their level of proficiency. He/she will be continuously evaluated and will take a test at the end of the course to proceed to the following level, if desired.

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