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English Conversation Course

It is widely debated that speaking is one of the most critical language skills to acquire. However, we all pursue to develop a native-like accent and fluency. That being said, students are very likely discouraged to articulate the simplest words in English fearing that they might be laughed at.

Here, in Acheiva, we promise to give you the confidence you need to express yourself with the correct pronunciation of words. Our instructors will teach you phonetics and will operate ample speaking activities to help you trace your own progress as well as focusing on elevating your fluency and proficiency level gradually but effectively.


Our objectives for this course are:

  • Learning vocabularies and grammar rules and mastering the correct way of utilizing them
  • Exposing you to ample situations which will develop your fluency and confidence
  • Practicing listening skills to help understand the speaker
  • Helping you to express yourself regardless of the quantity of words you know
  • Gaining the confidence you need


What distinguishes ACHIEVA ACADEMY from any other language institution..

We create a fun and warm atmosphere to enjoy English learning journey. Our university staff do understand the points of weakness that students have; accordingly, they help you elevate your speaking level at a reasonably fast pace. Moreover, our students will be engaged in comprehensive exercises for different types of dialogues, discussions, debates and role playing.

Our teachers will monitor the level of progress of our students throughout the course for guidance and evaluation. They will also help you acquire a native-like accent and fluency.


How to join the English Conversation Course at ACHIEVA ACADEMY?

Our Conversation course consists of 12 levels. The student will take a placement test which determines his/her right proficiency level.

The student will be evaluated continuously and will have to sit for a final exam in order to proceed to the following level.

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